Residential Rural Internet

Enjoy your favourite TV shows, sports, and online games from the comfort of your home. Never miss the latest news and events from around the world with our unlimited wireless high-speed rural Internet package. 

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Upgraded 50Mbps/10Mbps Service

The following areas have access to upgraded wireless service offering speeds of 50Mbps download with 10Mbps upload. We will continue to roll out these services to other locations in the future:
Stettler, Hanna, Craigmyle, Delia, Michichi, Munson, Morrin, Drumheller, Nacmine, Gadsby, Botha.


Residential Internet Options


Fiber Optic

NETStart - $55/mth


10 - 50Mbps

6 - 15Mbps


NETPlus - $75/mth


15 - 50Mbps

15 - 50Mbps 


NETMax - $95/mth


20 - 50Mbps

25 - 75Mbps


**Rated connection speeds available are limited by connection type and availability of connection service in your area. Connection service types available from NETAGO are: Line-of-Sight Wireless, DSL, or Fiber Optic.

Why Choose NETAGO?


checkmark.png No Contracts

We don't have monthly contracts! That's right, we scrapped monthly contracts to give you complete freedom and control to change or upgrade your Internet services at any time, because at NETAGO we believe in building long-lasting customer relations that are supported with high-quality and trustworthy service.

checkmark.png High-Speed Internet

With our Internet options, you don't need a phone line to enjoy fast, reliable Internet, and you will always receive a crisp picture, great sound, and reliable streaming services without any lag or delays.

checkmark.png Simply Manage Your Network

With your NETAGO account, you can easily manage your home Internet and quickly review your monthly internet data usage or run a simple internet speed test.

checkmark.png The Fine Print

Our services are currently available in Stettler County, Starland County, Special Areas 2, 3, and 4, and the MD of Acadia. An installation fee of $149 includes labour, fees, and travel time. Outdoor radio equipment is owned by NETAGO, routers are not included but are available for rent or purchase.