Rural Enterprise Internet

Stay connected with our Enterprise Internet Package, ideal for medium and large organizations, schools, business centres, and Internet Service Providers. At Netago, we understand that sometimes organizations need additional Internet speeds, bandwidths, faster download and upload speeds, or custom network configuration settings, to keep your enterprise running efficiently. Netago can make that happen. 

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Why Choose Netago?


checkmark.png Competitive Pricing

Our rates are extremely competitive, especially compared to mainstream communications providers.

checkmark.png Flexible Solutions

Netago is a local Internet provider in Eastern Alberta, therefore we can offer flexible and adaptive solutions without sacrificing workmanship, service, and quality of deliverables. 

checkmark.png Strong Connectivity

Netago maintains multiple Internet connections, ensuring reliable and high-quality Internet connectivity at all times.

checkmark.png ​​​​​​​Advanced Technology 

Netago offers High-Speed IP Transit, IP Gateway, or IP Transport Connection. We also support both IPv6 and IPv4 over the same connection at no additional charge.