Rural Internet has never been faster!

At NETAGO, we provide a gateway to the Internet for Alberta residents and workers, whether your Internet needs are at home or on the farm, a large business, or an entire community.  

We believe that all people deserve fast, reliable broadband connectivity, regardless of where they live and we do so using modern fiber and wireless solutions to reach even the most remote locations.

Telus Acquisition*

Our Internet Service Options





Data: 200GB
Speed: 10 - 25Mbps*



Data: 300GB
Speed: 10 - 25Mbps*

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Data: 400GB
Speed: 15 - 50Mbps*



Data: 600GB
Speed: 15 - 50Mbps*

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Data: Unlimited
Speed: 20 - 100Mbps*



Data: Unlimited
Speed: 20 - 100Mbps*

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* Rated connection speeds available are limited by connection type and availability of connection service in your area.
Connection service types available from NETAGO are: Line-of-Sight Wireless, DSL, or Fiber Optic.

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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the connection service types offered?

Line-of-Site Wireless: Wireless Internet connections use a radio antenna to connect from your home to a local communication tower. Wireless Internet is heavily dependent on having a clear line of sight between the antenna and the tower you are connecting to.

DSL: This connection utilizes your telephone/landline but with the benefit that it doesn’t interrupt your phone use. It is a similar connection type to dial up Internet but does not interrupt landline phone service.

Fiber Optic: Cables that are comprised of glass fibers transmit data using beams of light creating a low latency high speed data connection. This is a new technology that is starting to arrive in many communities - however access to this service may vary depending on local installations.

Does NETAGO charge overage fees for data/bandwidth useage?

NETAGO does not charge for overages, we do however rate limit your account when you go over your monthly data threshold. Data thresholds reset on the first day of each month. For more information on how this works please contact us.

Can weather cause my wireless service connection to slow down?

Yes... and no. Wireless connections to devices on your local network inside your home or business are generally not affected by weather. However heavy rain can interfere wireless signal strength when outdoors.

How do I check my internet connection speed?

You can test your Internet connection speed using the CIRA Speedtest website:

Do I need a phone line to have fiber optic service?

Nope! Fibre optic connections use special cables glass fiber cables to transmit data over light. Traditional phone lines use copper cables.

How do I access my NETAGO email account online?

You can access webmail through a web browser through the following link: 

Webmail Login

For mail programs on your computer or smartphone you can use the following settings:

Server Type Server Name Port
POP3 with SSL 995
IMAP with SSL 993
SMTP with SSL 465
SMTP with TLS 587